Accounting for OFBiz eCommerce with HotWax Systems


After a long wait and a lot of hard work, I am pleased to finally be able to say that the Accounting application in Apache OFBiz is ready for prime time! By working with internal experts (including Jacopo Cappellato) along with client experts, we have recently launched an enterprise e-commerce system that is using the OFBiz Accounting application more extensively than any of the systems we have previously implemented.

It is no surprise that the mantras of entrepreneurs everywhere often center on revenue generation, and rarely on the underlying accounting thereof! Keeping accurate financial records of all business activities is, nevertheless, essential, and the OFBiz Accounting application has many features designed to help support that critical need for sound financial management.

In an effort to make the Accounting for OFBiz ecommerce as easy to use as possible for a variety of businesses both small and large, Hotwax Media created additional tools allowing for user export of general ledger account transaction data in the Quickbooks IIF format, as well as the ability to receive payments in A/R batches. (There is a widely accepted perception that Quickbooks is very easy to use. I don’t necessarily agree :) This integration, nevertheless, means users can easily export data of their choice out of OFBiz Accounting and import that data into Quickbooks. We created this integration based on customer demand. I would not have guessed it, but they told us loudly and clearly that accountants love to play with numbers in Quickbooks; well, we aim to please!

Over next little bit I’ll share more information with some concrete examples that you can use for setting up your own OFBiz Accounting system.

– Anil

DATE: Oct 29, 2010
AUTHOR: Anil Patel
Enterprise eCommerce, OFBiz Ecommerce, ofbiz accounting, OFBiz, Anil Patel