The HotWax Media Way: Infrastructure and Tools to Support OFBiz Open Source eCommerce and ERP Development


In my first set of posts, I had the opportunity to describe a bit about what has been going on at HotWax Media – with a focus on our involvement in the OFBiz development community and the impact it made during 2009. While I’m looking forward to getting back to discussing what HotWax will be championing in OFBiz in 2010, I’d like to take a break from OFBiz and tell you a bit about HotWax Media and what makes us and our process different from the other options out there.

To kick things off, I’d like to discuss something near and dear to my heart – the partnerships that we make and the people we choose to make them with. Over the past few years, we have made decisions that have provided us with the ability to focus on running our business and serving our customers instead of trying to become the masters of all things in all spaces. Focus, in other words.

For many years, along with the help of a choice system administrator or two, I spent a chunk of time, every day, maintaining and upgrading our IT infrastructure. As we merged companies and grew our staff of OFBiz developers, this became increasingly difficult for me to manage – all the while wishing I was spending more time with our customers. At that time, we had migrated all of our customers’ hosted solutions over to Contegix, and one of the companies we merged with was using them to run their organization already – so it seemed like a natural fit. The rest is history! Contegix has simplified our business by making hosting and infrastructure first class and very easy.

While I will spend more time focusing on the intricacies of our partnership with Contegix in subsequent posts, by becoming our source for infrastructure decision making, and by modeling processes that we respect and appreciate, Contegix has helped us to acquire partnerships that have made additional efficiency gains. They brought their other partners to the table in order to help us focus and realize the potential of our business. From working with the Atlassian collaboration to helping us maximize that software by bringing in the experts on integration and collaboration at CustomWare, we have been able to refine our processes to reflect the level of quality all customers deserve.

Stay tuned to the next set of posts to learn more about the our processes, our partners, and how they work together to provide solutions for our customers. Here are the high level points to take away:

1. Contegix – Beyond Managed Hosting and Infrastructure Support.
2. Atlassian – Amazing Efficiency Tools.
3. CustomWare – Integration and Collaboration Solutions.
4. Our Process – Agile Development Processes Honed to Work in a Distributed, Multi-Cultural, Development Environment.

– Tim

Tim Ruppert is Chief Operating Officer at HotWax Media as well as an OFBiz project committer and active community member. Tim will join other HotWax Media employees and advisors in periodically posting thoughts here related to OFBiz, eCommerce, ERP, and related topics.

DATE: Mar 05, 2010
AUTHOR: Tim Ruppert
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