Ecommerce / ERP Solution QA Using Scenario Based Testing

If you are looking for an open source Ecommerce / ERP platform, Apache OFBiz may very well be your best choice! You will certainly want to customize OFBiz out-of-the-box, and as your system grows, testing the system can become a challenge.

Ecommerce / ERP QA

Quality Assurance is a broad term which involves more than simply testing the application UI. One has to dig in deeper, with a good understanding of the actual business processes, in order to confirm that the solution that is delivered is working as expected. Identifying whether the solution is production-ready can be a complex job.

It becomes even more complex when your ecommerce platform includes ERP functionality such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), a Content Management System (CMS), Catalog Management, and Warehouse Management. Although running all of these applications in one integrated system is ideal, the processes followed for verification must be supported with good communication and documentation.

Scenario Based Testing Environment

A scenario-based testing environment has to be created, where a well defined set of user scenarios are prepared in order to create test cases for any processes. This scenario-based process makes developers and users confident that the system can be regularly tested against predefined test cases that represent real-world system usage.

Testing the same processes repeatedly can become a tedious job, however, so automated testing is ideal. One of the options is to use Selenium for automating test procedures.

HotWax Media has a dedicated internal team building out the Apache ecommerce / ERP Business Process Library with support for already built Selenium scripts. We will provide additional posts on this topic soon, so stay tuned…

DATE: Aug 29, 2014
AUTHOR: Pranay Pandey
quality assurance, OFBiz Ecommerce, Enterprise ERP, OFBiz