Apache OFBiz Drop-shipping Support

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OFBiz drop shipping support cycle illustration

Apache OFBiz drop-shipping support

Apache OFBiz is an open source e-commerce/ERP platform. One of the benefits of an open source solution is that qualified developers worldwide donate their time to improve the code and build features.

OFBiz is an excellent choice for process automation. The framework is built on a rock-solid data model that supports most of the standard processes. It is also easily extendable and customizable. Drop-shipping support comes out-of-the-box (OOTB) with OFBiz.

Typically, drop-shipping is utilized when:

  1. A product is not available in inventory or inventory levels for the product are very low. The system takes a sales order to be drop-shipped to the customer directly from the supplier.
  2. A product is never stocked. The system takes sales orders to be be drop-shipped to the customer directly from the supplier.
How OFBiz drop-shipping works

 OFBiz initiates a drop-ship event when a customer places a sales order (SO). The system selects a supplier when the order is entered. A drop-ship purchase order (PO) is then created automatically. The customer’s shipping address is assigned to the purchase order.

OFBiz automatically manages the PO creation process. It eliminates the need for manual intervention. When the process is complete, the SO and PO are linked to each other. The supplier sends  notification when the order has been filled. After the PO is manually marked as complete within the OFBiz system, it automatically fulfills the order and then marks the SO as complete.  

Stay tuned for a series of OFBiz drop-shipping tutorials.


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