OFBiz Bug Crush Efforts Further the Open Source Cause

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The February 2015 OFBiz Bug Crush Results Are In!

 We have a very active testing community, which people don’t often think about when you have open source.–Mitchell Baker

The free and open source revolution in the software industry is a great example of the importance and value of volunteer collaboration. From its inception, HotWax Systems has actively promoted the sharing of open source initiatives and has committed to use open source softwares/products to build and deliver solutions for various industry segments.

This philosophy truly inspires us as a company, and because we promote open source projects like Apache OFBiz and Moqui, it’s essential to center our team on this philosophy.

February 2015 OFBiz Bug Crush Results

In support of our ongoing commitment to improving Apache OFBiz and to supporting the open source community, HotWax Systems conducts OFBiz Bug crush Events on the third Saturday of every month. The February 2015 OFBiz Bug Crush Event was a major success. Fifteen members of Team HotWax donated more than 120 hours of their time to the cause. Here are the results:

Posted comment on tasks8
Converted to improvement1

30-day Summary

Consistent effort really pays off! In the past 30 days, the team has resolved 70 issues, so we’re definitely on track to resolve hundreds of issues during OFBiz Bug Crush Events in 2015.

30 Day Summary Bug Crush Feb 23 15


HotWax Systems continues to demonstrate a real-world commitment to support the open source revolution by launching HotWax Commerce,  an open source, enterprise-class, digital commerce platform that offers complete ownership and control with absolutely no licensing fees. You can learn more about the platform here.

For more about the HotWax Systems open source philosophy check out these blog posts:

 “Bridging the Divide Between Open Source and Enterprise Users” by Mike Bates, CEO, HotWax Systems

 “With Free Software You Have Freedom” by Pranay Pandey, Senior Manager, HotWax Systems


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