On Client Advocates and Being Your Client’s Advocate


The past 17 years in various customer facing roles have taught me clearly how powerful actual customer testimonials are. Your website, collateral, and phone calls can be filled to the brim with promises. You can outsmart your competition with more technical details. You can vouch for the product based on your own personal experiences as a sales person. Still, that one client testimonial is going be worth 100 times more.

Regardless of whether we are able to help an organization with a complete Unified Commerce Platform, or to fill in the gaps in their existing ERP architecture, or even to use our long-standing expertise to ignite their Apache OFBiz® capabilities, we all work to make our prospective and current clients happy, and we’re all proud when we earn positive feedback.

Recently Eric Norberg, VP of Technology at PerioSciences, our client and collaborator for the past 3 years, wrote to us saying: “We went through a full evaluation of many platforms, and we settled on OFBiz for its flexibility and power, and because it is a top level Apache project. Similar systems from proprietary vendors can easily cost millions of dollars. The value with an OFBiz-based system is tremendous. HotWax is the global leader in OFBiz — very capable and attentive, expert with the software, and effective at understanding and helping us achieve our business goals. There’s nobody better for OFBiz-based software than HotWax.

You might know PerioSciences for their revolutionary approach to oral care. Their approach is to provide products that work in concert with the body’s natural defense system in the mouth. The plant-based ingredients in PerioSciences products complement the natural antioxidants and anti-bacterial agents in saliva, providing better and health-boosting oral care. Founded in 2008 in Dallas, Texas, PerioSciences is known for its state-of-the-art business model and for the fact that it has basically created a new category of products – antioxidant-based oral care. I’ll say that again, so it doesn’t get lost in translation: they created a new category of products for a practice that has been around since 2700 BC. Isn’t it something that a company this innovative thinks of us this highly?

The personal note provided from PerioSciences has resonated deeply not only at the company level in our organization but within each department providing clarity on why we work together in a uniform manner. Everyone out there is talking about turning clients into advocates for your company and products, making how-to lists and giving advice, but the truth is much simpler: give them a great experience with stellar service, and you will gain great customers. That’s what we strive for and feel greatly rewarded by our customer success stories!

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DATE: Mar 15, 2017
AUTHOR: Ben Johnson
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