Commerce in an On-demand Economy


Over the past 20 years, I’ve seen eCommerce evolve from a somewhat cumbersome and slow process (remember how long dial-up modems took?)  to a highly refined process in an on-demand economy. Customers and businesses now expect to access both products and information instantly.

As a member of the eCommerce generation I have enjoyed a unique perspective, both as a technologist and as a consumer. The technologist in me has been intensively involved in developing eCommerce solutions for numerous businesses. As the consumer in me has become more sophisticated and demanding over the past two decades, I’ve used my perspective as a consumer to inform technology innovations to meet ever-increasing customer expectations (including my own).

In today’s on-demand economy, online businesses selling finished goods need more than just an online shopping cart and a catalog. They need real-time information about inventory across various warehouse scenarios. And, in many cases, they need real-time information about their vendors’ stock levels.

The Apache OFBiz Accelerator seamlessly brings together an online store platform and a robust supply chain management system (SCM). Businesses running on Apache OFBiz Accelerator have access to sales and inventory data in real-time, as well as tools for analyzing that data in order to make critical business decisions.

The HotWax Systems team has  also designed a “Stock Watch” dashboard for procurement managers that puts KPI-influencing procurement decisions at their fingertips.  The “Stock Predictions” widgets analyzes sales velocity and forecasts inventory requirements. It allows the user to analyze sales data from a specific period or to select a prior sale season as basis for stock predictions.

At HotWax Systems we are committed to  delivering a system that provides timely and accurate information, so that businesses have the information they need to make confident business decisions, and to meet (and even exceed) customer expectations.

Stock Watch List – Screenshots

[image type=”none” float=”none” class=”x-img-link” src=”” alt=”Stock Watch Dashboard” link=”true” href=”” info=”none” info_place=”top” info_trigger=”hover” lightbox_caption=”Make watching your product stock levels easy!”]

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DATE: Apr 11, 2016
AUTHOR: Anil Patel