OFBiz Community Day Update

OFBiz community day


I am extremely pleased that through our  OFBiz Community Day efforts on Saturday more than 250 hours of effort were donated toward improving OFBiz.–Anil Patel, COO, HotWax Systems

amherst coffeeOne of the best things about living in the Amherst, MA, area is my favorite coffee shop–Amherst Coffee. Last Saturday, as I was about to leave Amherst Coffee after having a great early-morning Cortado, my phone started beeping with messages about our OFBiz community day. There were several new messages on Google hangouts–the communication method of choice for our engineers– followed by a series of emojis. “Today’s community day is real fun”. “Food was awesome!” “Having fun working with all.” It made me smile to see the enthusiasm of our team members.

 History of our OFBiz Community Days

Every day at HotWax Systems, we get to work on Apache OFBiz. We exchange business requirements and discuss  the challenges of solving them for our clients –some doing billions of dollars of business in a year and some  as small as a million a year in revenue– throughout the day. Sometimes our discussions take place around water cooler or at the nearby chai stand. Other discussions occur in formal meetings. Regardless of the setting, our discussions inevitably produce ideas that improve Apache OFBiz (an Open Source ERP platform).

We decided that every day efforts, while admirable, weren’t enough. Because of this, for the past few years, we have set aside the third Saturday of each month for OFBiz community days. These community days are our opportunity to focus our efforts on distilling the essence of our Apache OFBiz experience for the benefit of the greater OFBiz community.

Our OFBiz Premiere League

OFBiz Community Day foodLast Saturday, our monthly event was even more exciting because all of the work we were planning to do would count toward our OFBiz Premier League (OPL) and everyone was motivated to accumulate points for their respective teams. (OPL is something we initiated for our Indore team. There are six teams involved in a six-month competition centered around participation in the OFBiz community. Teams compete in the kitchen as well as in the software arena, vying for top marks as chefs for the food we provide for our daylong events as well as competing for points related to OFBiz work.)

Focus of the OFBiz Community Day

Our efforts during last Saturday’s OFBiz community day were focussed on enriching MRP, Quotes, Purchase Orders and parts of the Manufacturing module. Along with all these new features, our team also spent time testing and fixing issues within existing system. Many of our engineers interacted with OFBiz community members outside of HotWax Systems to discuss business requirements and to provide and receive feedback.

OFBiz community day premiere league teamThanks to our Exceptional Team Members

I am extremely pleased that through our efforts on Saturday more than 250 hours of effort were donated toward improving OFBiz. Congratulations to all the participants! It takes exceptional dedication and commitment to leave the comforts of your home on a Saturday morning to donate several hours to improving enterprise grade ERP systems.

DATE: May 23, 2016
AUTHOR: Anil Patel