OFBiz Open Source ERP Performance Evaluation

When considering an ERP system, performance is just as important as feature set. This post contains helpful references to aid in OFBiz open source ERP performance evaluation, with links to topics ranging from overview and introduction to some specifics for systems running in the Amazon cloud. If you are curious about OFBiz performance, read on.

Introduction to OFBiz performance and scalability

You can begin here, with a quick overview on OFBiz scalability and performance. This post covers the basics, including sample production system hardware recommendations and the introduction of Apache JMeter.

Synch vs Asynch in OFBiz

Next comes a post concerning system architecture fundamentals, and specifically the tactic of separating synchronous versus asynchronous tasks in OFBiz to boost performance. This simple step has allowed us to achieve well beyond 20,000 orders per day on a standard AWS cloud infrastructure, including associated web traffic (2% conversion rate) and user activity (procurement, order management, pick / pack / ship, etc.). And that was achieved before load balancing and clustering.

Load Testing OFBiz with JMeter

Continue on to review some technical designs for load testing OFBiz with Apache JMeter. The post shares two technical design options in detail, and also walks you through hardware configuration details.

OFBiz performance testing in the Amazon cloud

Finally, take a look at our post covering how to restore pre-built Amazon Machine Images to do your own OFBiz performance testing on the Amazon cloud. This post walks you through all the steps so you can see OFBiz performance with your own eyes!

By the way, we have some additional posts around these topics scheduled to come out soon, so keep an eye open for forthcoming articles if you are interested.


Empowered with this information and these resources, you can see that OFBiz is capable of robust enterprise-level performance and scalability. Combined with the broad data model, out-of-the-box services, and ease of customization, OFBiz’s performance and scalability drive much of the enterprise adoption OFBiz is experiencing in the marketplace. If you are looking to build a system of innovation that needs to scale, OFBiz may very well be your best choice.

If you would like to kickstart your OFBiz project by working with HotWax Media, the leading global implementor of OFBiz systems, then please contact us!

DATE: Sep 09, 2014
AUTHOR: Mike Bates
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