How To Edit The Product Page Content In OFBiz

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We have just added another OFBiz demo video.  This videos details how to edit the product page content in OFBiz through a custom content management system that we developed.

In the video we address SEO settings including the URL, the page title, keywords, and the page description.  We also edit the page description on the product page as well as the category page.  Finally we look at adding and editing the main image, alternate images, and variant images.  In the coming weeks, we will be highlighting additional content management capabilities as well as other enhancements and customizations made to OFBiz.

Patrick Gibbons About Patrick Gibbons
Patrick Gibbons is VP of Client Experience at HotWax Systems. With nearly a decade of experience working with OFBiz, has a deep understanding of E-commerce, ERP, and warehouse management. Patrick has helped numerous clients worldwide implement OFBiz, improve business processes, and increase profit while decreasing customer and employee frustration.

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