jason nelson mixed climbing in provo canyon utahThe final ice climbing competition in the USA for this winter will be held in Vail later this week.  This will be my first time attending this event, but I heard rave reviews about last year and was sorry to have not made it.  There was even some carnage at last years competition.  One fellow got his front teeth pulled out when he fell.  It’s common to put the rope in your mouth when you clip it.  When a sudden fall occurs it’s natural for everything to tense up including your jaw.

The ice climbing event is a series of elimination rounds for speed.   It should be fast, fun, furious, and with lots of sharp things flying around.   The elevation of Vail is about 9,000′ so there may be some heavy breathing as well.  It’s not like skiing where you just go downhill.  Just kidding skiers, I know your sport is difficult too.

Other events will be running, biking (yes, in the snow), skiing and there are some dog events for you animal lovers.  Yup, go see for yourself at http://www.mountaingames.com/winter



DATE: Feb 05, 2013
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems
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