apachecon 2013HotWax Media is pleased to announce our sponsorship of ApacheCon US 2013, running February 26 – 28, at the Hilton Portland and Executive Towers in Portland, Oregon, and produced by the Open Bastion (http://theopenbastion.com).

As the official conference, training, and expo series of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF), ApacheCon attracts individual engineers, companies, and open source enthusiasts of all stripes from countries around the world.  This year’s ApacheCon US sponsors include Adobe, Citrix, HP, HotWax Media, IBM, RedHat, and other technology companies representing many facets of web application software development.

HotWax Media plays a very active role in the Apache Open for Business (OFBiz) project, and our regular sponsorship and participation in the ApacheCon events is primarily in support of that role. We are proud of our community involvement with the ASF and OFBiz, and ApacheCon is the perfect opportunity for open source community participants to put a face with a name!

This year’s theme is “Open Source Community Leadership Drives Enterprise-Grade Innovation.” Presentations will be professionally-directed, focusing on demonstrating real-world solutions to specific challenges. The experience also includes a Business Panel discussion, numerous tutorial sessions, and other community events such as the BarCamp and the Hackathon.

If you are interested in attending but have not yet registered, drop us a line!

For more information on ApacheCon US 2013, visit: http://na.apachecon.com/

DATE: Feb 14, 2013
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems
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