HotWax University

We’ve been running an intensive internal Apache OFBiz training program for many years now. Earlier this year, we officially branded the program as HotWax University.

HotWax U differentiates us from our competitors. Our new hire developers work through a full year of training prior to becoming billable on Apache OFBiz projects. No other company in the world maintains that level of exclusive focus on Apache OFBiz. Let me say that again, another way: a Java developer with 5 years experience is still an OFBiz neophyte. Scrambled eggs are different from soufflé. Our developers eat, sleep and breath OFBiz. They make the soufflé.

HotWax U draws on the expertise of the best OFBiz architects and developers in the world. Whether having a Q&A session with Jacopo Cappellato (Chair of the OFBiz Project at Apache and our head of technology) or working through an interactive session on the Product Data Model led by HotWax U King Bee Pranay Pandey, HotWax U students absorb and radiate OFBiz best practices. The curriculum has been defined through years of dedicated application by the best in the business. Our goal with HotWax U is to ensure that our students learn and apply OFBiz better than anyone else anywhere!

HotWax U was the brainchild of Anil Patel, our COO and the head of our Indian office. The vision developed over a few late night brainstorming sessions (a few beers for me, he sticks with the juice). We feel like this is the classic win-win. Our developers are skilled and empowered, and our company distinguishes itself in the best ways. We plan to expand the effort, and are nearing completion on a new office building that will house 150 developers and grows our Indian office by 200%.

Thanks to Ryan Foster for creating the logo — the latin phrase “incepto facultas pararetur” is our best shot at translating “enterprise resource planning” for use in the logo. The wheel symbol upper left in the shield is the Ashoka Chakra, referencing the amazing team in our expanding Indian office. The symbol itself is very fitting, symbolizing concepts including Love (we love what we do!), Patience (we know very well that great ERP takes patience), and Humility (we remain wide open to learning and growing).

The Beehive upper right references Salt Lake City, Utah. Our HQ is here in lovely SLC, and the beehive is the Utah state symbol, representing industry. That fits great, because we’re definitely not afraid of hard work and high levels of sweet productivity.

The third symbol {;} is a nod to the code itself. We have many of the best OFBiz system designers and architects in the world, but in the end the best design in the world relies on the code that brings it to life. Our Professional Services team understands this, and incorporate rigorous standards from design through coding, QA, and delivery.

Let us know what you think! We are proud of our students, faculty and staff, and we know there is a lot of good education to come.

In fact, Pranay Pandey says it best: Keep Learning….

DATE: Jun 16, 2014
AUTHOR: Mike Bates
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