HotWax Systems Donates Technology to Champion Toxin-free Food Movement

Pesticide consumption in our country [India] increased from 2,330 tons in 1950 to 198,000 tons in 1997-98, drastically increasing the prevalence of these chemicals in the food chain. It is notable that many of the pesticides were manufactured in the USA and Europe, where ammunition manufacturing units were converted to fertilizer and pesticide manufacturing plants. For instance, “Agent Orange” a poisonous chemical used to clear bushes and find enemy hideouts in the Vietnam War is now used in many developing countries as a herbicide. This is despite the fact that this chemical is suspected to cause prostate cancer, respiratory cancers, multiple myeloma, type II diabetes mellitus, Hodgkin’s disease, and many more ailments.–isha blog

The Zero Budget Natural Farming movement (ZBNF ) is a holistic agriculture method that seeks to eliminate the need for farmers to purchase outside materials, such as toxic pesticides and commercially produced fertilizers, in order to yield bountiful and healthy crops. Instead, materials that are natural, biodegradable, and locally obtainable are used.This reduces costs to the farmer, results in pesticide-free crops, and protects farmland from becoming polluted with toxic chemicals.

Because the HotWax Systems team believes that healthy food should not be considered a luxury, we recently contributed time and resources to support the ZBNF movement in India. A five-day state-level workshop about ZBNF was recently held in India. Conference organizers needed assistance with publicizing the event to farmers across India, and helping attendees register.

The HotWax Systems team built and donated a mobile-friendly platform where interested farmers could register for the event. Initially, 700 to 800 participants were expected. With our online registration portal in place, we more than doubled that goal, registering 1806 people for the event.

This technology provided easy access to registrant information, including allowing event organizers to analyze registrant profiles, including geographical location. This empowered organizers to communicate with registrants quickly and easily.

The five-day event was very successful, with farmers receiving valuable education about ZBNF.  This will undoubtedly help them to reduce their cost of farming, while producing natural, healthy food.

HotWax Systems has donated the portal to the ZBNF community to support their efforts in future educational events.

Our COO, Anil Patel, expressed our sentiments perfectly when he said that, “We consider it an honor to donate this portal to the ZBNF community, and realize that we must all do our part to ensure that farmers have the support they need to continue their vital work.”

DATE: Apr 13, 2016
AUTHOR: Swapnil Mane
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