OFBiz Community – The Big Bad Bug Crush HotWax Media Weekend Event

HotWax Media will be hosting a special team building event this weekend in support of the broader OFBiz community. On Saturday, August 16, we are conducting a 16-hour bug crushing marathon in our Indore office. Our purpose is to investigate and crush as many bugs as we can in the Apache OFBiz project, drawing from the OFBiz trunk Jira list.

HotWax Media developers have donated over 10,000 hours to Apache OFBiz maintenance and continuous improvement.


Open to all, we anticipate a healthy turnout, with dozens of developers working together not because they have to, but because they want to! We value the Apache OFBiz project community of which we are a part, and are committed to helping the project improve continuously over time. We have already donated well over 10,000 person-hours to the OFBiz project as of today, and this weekend should deliver 500 – 1,000 more hours donated to project maintenance and improvement! That’s a lot of clams, people!

How many times have you heard of development teams coming in on the weekend to dedicate hundreds of hours to improving someone else’s proprietary software package? Not too many times, you say? Yeah, me neither!

This weekend is a great example of the spirit of open source software projects. Of course individuals and companies who participate in open source projects have their differences, just like divisions and teams within any proprietary software company will have competing interests. But with great open source projects like Apache OFBiz, in the end community members come together as volunteers working toward a common goal: make the software as good as possible for all users. Maybe that has something to do with the impressive results in the latest 2014 Future of Open Source Survey, including the finding that 80% of respondents use open source because they think it is higher quality than proprietary software alternatives.

For our part, we will be hosting in our new Indore facility, and will have some of the best OFBiz experts in the world on hand to contribute to code fixes and guide the efforts of the numerous developers who will be participating. Along with world-class OFBiz expertise and dozens of developers, we’ll also have tasty meals to enjoy throughout the day and a relaxing movie to help everyone wind down after the code marathon is finished. Sounds like a good time to me!

Let us know what you think! Do you use open source in your company? Interested in an OFBiz project with HotWax Media? Regardless we would love to hear from you, so feel free to drop us a line.

DATE: Aug 15, 2014
AUTHOR: Mike Bates
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