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Ca$h in on OFBiz Warehouse Management Features

OFBiz Tutorials, Enterprise eCommerce, Apache OFBIz warehouse management, Warehouse and Inventory Management, OFBiz Development, Apache OFBiz, Enterprise ERP, OFBiz, Apache OFBiz Blog, Apache OFBiz Development

Time is money. Apache OFBiz warehouse management capabilities are tried, tested and robust. Are you putting them to work for you? If not, you may be leaving money on the table. READ MORE

DATE: Nov 06, 2014
AUTHOR: Divesh Dutta

OFBiz Community – The Big Bad Bug Crush HotWax Media Weekend Event

Enterprise eCommerce, Company News, OFBiz Development, Apache OFBiz, Enterprise ERP, Mike Bates, OFBiz, Apache OFBiz Blog, Apache Open for Business, Apache OFBiz Community

HotWax Media will be hosting a special team building event this weekend in support of the broader OFBiz community. On Saturday, August 16, we are conducting a 16-hour bug crushing marathon in our.. READ MORE

DATE: Aug 15, 2014
AUTHOR: Mike Bates

How to Price Enterprise E-commerce Services

Enterprise eCommerce, OFBiz Ecommerce, Mike Bates, OFBiz, Apache OFBiz Blog

The enterprise e-commerce space is broadly varied, and the boundaries constantly shifting. Features and capabilities only available to huge players just 10 years ago are now more affordable and.. READ MORE

DATE: Jul 06, 2010
AUTHOR: Mike Bates

eCommerce Software Market Musing

Enterprise eCommerce, Mike Bates, eCommerce Software Market, HotWax Commerce, Apache OFBiz Blog

B2C Partners estimates the size of the total US market for online retail software last year to be $415 million. That seems too small to me. READ MORE

DATE: May 28, 2010
AUTHOR: Mike Bates