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What is Procure to Pay?

Accounting Management, Enterprise ERP, Open Source Software, OFBiz

What is procure to pay software? Procure to pay (P2P) software is a suite of applications designed to automate and streamline the entire procurement process, from sourcing suppliers to processing.. READ MORE

DATE: Mar 23, 2023
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems

Types Of Invoices in OFBiz

Accounting Management, OFBiz Tutorials, OFBiz Ecommerce, OFBiz, Anil Patel

An invoice is a commercial document issued by seller to buyer that enlists the summary of the transaction i.e. quantity, unit price, total of complete purchase, item descriptions, settlement terms,.. READ MORE

DATE: Jun 28, 2011
AUTHOR: Anil Patel

OFBiz Tutorial: Assign GlAccount to Organization

Accounting Management, OFBiz Tutorials, OFBiz Tutorial, OFBiz, Anil Patel

Building off my last OFBiz tutorial, I will demonstrate how to Assign GlAccount to Internal Organization. Its an act of defining the Chart Of Accounts (CoA) for given internal organization. The same.. READ MORE

DATE: Jan 06, 2011
AUTHOR: Anil Patel

OFBiz Accounting: Setup Chart Of Accounts

Accounting Management, OFBiz Tutorials, eCommerce, OFBiz Tutorial, ofbiz accounting, OFBiz, Anil Patel

In this OFBiz tutorial I will walk through the process of setting up OFBiz accounting. It starts with building your Chart of Accounts (CoA). As you might already know, OFBiz comes with sample CoA. In.. READ MORE

DATE: Nov 11, 2010
AUTHOR: Anil Patel