HotWax Media to Launch Innovative Custom Moqui App


HotWax Media to launch custom Moqui app.

Apple co-founder Steve Jobs said that “innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”.

At HotWax Media, we are committed to innovation leadership. We utilize innovations–both internal and external– to improve our efficiency and to better serve our customers, and we often test emerging technologies well ahead of the industry curve.

HiveMind Road Test Leads to Custom Moqui App

Recently, we road-tested HiveMind from Moqui. Because we hoped to use it to manage our  own internal projects, we tasked some carefully selected developers to explore all aspects of HiveMind and share their findings internally. We appreciated many of its capabilities, and we realized that a customized user interface could improve our user experience. So we set about designing a custom Moqui app that could deliver the UX and functionality we required.

Migrating from Jira to Projects

The result was Projects, our first in-house custom  project management application built on the Moqui frameworkProjects offers simple, elegant interfaces and features that we hope will empower our internal project management capabilities.  Although we currently use Jira, production rollout for Projects is scheduled for later this month, and we anticipate ultimately migrating completely from Jira to Projects. We are excited to make this move, and will keep you posted as we make progress with our custom Moqui app.

Tools and Tech Tips 

About Moqui: Moqui is a set of free and open source software projects for building enterprise automation applications. Learning Moqui is easy, and developer training resources include Making Apps with Moqui, by  David E Jones.

Moqui Analysis/Design/Development Help: For Moqui questions and discussion topics,  you can use the Moqui Ecosystem forum on LinkedIn.

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DATE: Oct 21, 2014
AUTHOR: Pranay Pandey
Company News, innovation, custom Moqui app