Onsite With Skootz.com

skootz.com warehouseI had the opportunity to visit Skootz.com, one of our newest clients last week and see how their warehouse operates. The purpose was two fold. First, to see exactly how they handle order fulfillment and second, to see our ERP system in action.

Skootz.com, sells products officially licensed by the NBA, MLB, NHL and other professional sports leagues and colleges. Their warehouse has thousands of different product SKUs organized into both pick locations and bulk locations. They fulfill both business-to-business and business-to-consumer orders from the same warehouse. The bulk of their B2C fulfillment is done each morning, when each order is picked, packed and shipped.

After spending time onsite with them I have a much better understanding of what the daily routine is like within their warehouse and improvements that we can make to our 6th Sense Commerce ecommerce and ERP product to make it more useful Skootz and to our other clients.

skootz.com bulk locationSkootz was running a Magento storefront but needed more control of their front end content as well as a powerful back-end order management and fulfillment system. We developed 6th Sense Commerce as an extremely powerful ecommerce and ERP solution built on top of Apache OFBiz, as a stand-alone system to handle every aspect of a transaction from order to cash, or as a back end order management and fulfillment add on for Magento, Shopify, eBay Store, or other ecommerce platform.

Skootz has been running on our platform for two months now and we could not be more excited to have this cool and growing brand running our system in the wild. We are very happy to be their partner and along for their exciting growth and expansion into other leagues and markets!

DATE: Sep 03, 2014
AUTHOR: Patrick Gibbons
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