HotWax Media Is Now HotWax Systems

With 2015 off to a great start, we are excited to make two major announcements.

1. HotWax Systems: new name reflects focus, direction of company

HotWax Media is now HotWax Systems. This change reflects the focus and direction of our business: designing, implementing and supporting enterprise-grade, open source software solutions that drive innovation and empower ownership. What started in 1997 as a small web development shop in Monterey, California, has evolved into a global organization employing OFBiz experts on four continents.

2. Apache OFBiz Accelerator: fully customizable digital commerce platform

We are also excited to announce our own development platform, Apache OFBiz Accelerator. Apache OFBiz Accelerator is the culmination of many years of focus on the Apache OFBiz project. Having brought together the best OFBiz developers in the world and devoting literally hundreds of thousands of hours to developing in OFBiz, we are confident in our assertion that we are the global leaders in OFBiz. We used what we have learned about customer needs over the past eight years to develop Apache OFBiz Accelerator as an extension of OFBiz, making it more user friendly and decreasing the time to market for custom software projects. Our focus on OFBiz has not wavered. Not only did two more HotWax employees become OFBiz project committers in recent weeks, but we have also donated thousands of hours back to the OFBiz project in the form of enhancements and bug fixes over the past year. To learn more about Apache OFBiz Accelerator visit our Apache OFBiz Accelerator page.

Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about how Apache OFBiz Accelerator or Apache OFBiz Accelerator On-Demand can empower you to achieve your goals and own your success.

DATE: Jan 20, 2015
AUTHOR: Patrick Gibbons
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