The HotWax History: 1997-2017
Global leader in Apache OFBiz® and Moqui open-source technology, HotWax Systems, celebrates 20th anniversary milestone

HotWax Systems, the open-source commerce software vendor that set out to fix what’s broken in digital commerce today, is celebrating its 20th anniversary this fall. Founded in 1997 by CEO Mike Bates in Monterey, CA, the company initially offered website development services, but its focus soon shifted towards eCommerce platform implementation, and established itself as home to the world’s foremost experts in the Apache OFBiz open-source commerce technology, and creators of the unified commerce platform, Apache OFBiz Accelerator.

Details of the HotWax History were captured in a visual timeline available below, celebrating milestones and key employees, as well as a “20 years of HotWax Accomplishments” infographic filled with exciting achievements and trivia tidbits.

The History of HotWax Systems

Apache OFBiz is a trademark of the Apache Software Foundation.

DATE: Nov 14, 2017
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems
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