20 Years of HotWax Achievements

Four Apache Software Foundation Members, over 100,000 hours donated to Apache OFBiz® development, and no less than 1,971,023 lines of code changed by a single employee last year make up the spectacular accomplishments of HotWax Systems’ 20th anniversary.

Salt Lake City’s own HotWax Systems celebrated this October 20 years of existence with a roundup of its greatest achievements so far. Highlights include having three employees among Apache OFBiz’s top five contributors for the past decade, the 1+ million air miles travelled by the company’s C-level executives, and a total of four company cricket teams that compete in an annual HotWax Premier League.

These, and many more spectacular facts were captured in a collection of HotWax trivia available below, complemented by a brief “HotWax History” on how the world’s leading open-source Unified Commerce platform, HotWax Commerce, came to be.

20 years of HotWax Systems Achievements

Apache OFBiz is a trademark of the Apache Software Foundation.

DATE: Nov 13, 2017
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems
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Comments 1

Many congratulations on this great achievement. Due to your continuous efforts on OFBiz, the retail industry is open to be accessible to not only large enterprises but very small entities too. I am sure with tad changes in approaches OFBiz can compete with larger enterprises such as Oracle & SAP. Thanks for being the backbone of community. Hope you will grow at much faster pace in the coming years.

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