20 Years of HotWax Achievements
Four Apache Software Foundation Members, over 100,000 hours donated to Apache OFBiz® development, and no less than 1,971,023 lines of code changed by a single employee last year make up the spectacular accomplishments of HotWax Systems’ 20th anniversary.

Salt Lake City’s own HotWax Systems celebrated this October 20 years of existence with a roundup of its greatest achievements so far. Highlights include having three employees among Apache OFBiz’s top five contributors for the past decade, the 1+ million air miles travelled by the company’s C-level executives, and a total of four company cricket teams that compete in an annual HotWax Premier League.

These, and many more spectacular facts were captured in a collection of HotWax trivia available below, complemented by a brief “HotWax History” on how the world’s leading open-source Unified Commerce platform, Apache OFBiz Accelerator, came to be.

Infographic showing different accomplishments of HotWax Systems over the last twenty years

Apache OFBiz is a trademark of the Apache Software Foundation.

DATE: Nov 13, 2017
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems