Simplify ERP Implementation: Focus on What Makes an Enterprise Exceptional

“Average” in ERP doesn’t exist, says Gartner, Inc. Enterprises should disregard “averages” when selecting an ERP system, leverage ERP implementation planning process as an opportunity to honor what makes them unique.

“Looking for ‘average’ in cloud commerce and ERP systems is a lost cause,” said Mike Bates, CEO of Salt Lake City-based software company, HotWax Systems. “The game-changers, innovators, and wildly successful cloud commerce operations are never ‘average’. On the contrary, they are actively honoring whatever it is that makes them exceptional. The right ERP system is a key part of making that happen.”

New research from Gartner, Inc. states, “Organizations should not attempt to substantiate, or limit, ERP investments based on ‘average’ costs and benefits, which don’t take into account the context. Doing so leads to inaccurate budgeting and increased risk, both for the enterprise and the responsible ERP leader. Simplify ERP implementation.”

Bates, whose career in software development and innovation has spanned more than two decades, advises enterprises to focus on selecting a flexible platform that can grow with the business.

“With larger ERP projects, there’s a lot more risk involved,” Bates said. “It’s not easy for companies to know exactly what they want or need on day one. Without a flexible platform, they can go down the wrong path and find themselves stuck. We can flex and adjust the project on the fly to drastically lower the chances that they’re going to fail. It’s a situation where one size definitely does not fit all.”

HotWax Systems offers a range of ERP solutions tailored to fit companies of all sizes across multiple industries, from a quick-to- launch SaaS model to complete custom systems. The company recently released a complimentary ERP Essentials 2016 newsletter featuring ERP research from Gartner, Inc.

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DATE: Feb 17, 2016
AUTHOR: Teresa Zundel
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