Use OFBiz to Make Special Offers to Your Best Customers

Apache OFBiz Accelerator offers purchase qualification rule functionality. (Image courtesy of Salvatore Vuono/


Does your digital commerce system ever limit your ability to sell your products the way you want to sell them?

One of the areas where Apache OFBiz Accelerator stands out from the crowd is the capability to present just the right product to just the right e-commerce customer at just the right time. From pro-purchase programs and special pricing, to highly configurable promotions, Apache OFBiz Accelerator is great at supporting your ability to offer exactly what you want to exactly whom you want at the time and price of your choice.

Let’s consider an example: say you wanted to offer some limited edition products to select customers who have in one way or another “qualified” for the offer. To qualify, a customer would have to meet certain criteria — say, they would need to have spent a certain amount with you previously, or they would need to have been a customer for a certain previous period of time. There are any number of ways you can group and appreciate your customers, and it’s great marketing and merchandizing to do so. But most commerce platforms out there are simply not flexible enough to make it possible.

Apache OFBiz Accelerator allows you to define any desired qualification rule.

And that’s one of the things we love about Apache OFBiz and Apache OFBiz Accelerator! Over the years, we have helped our clients design and implement solutions that allow them to define any desired qualification rule. Specific groups of users, geographical locations, time of day, limited quantities, custom pricing…it’s all available.

We are able to achieve this using the OFBiz price rule engine. We extended the price rule engine so that the user can bind any custom service when setting up price rules, opening up a huge range of possibilities. (We took this inspiration from the OFBiz promotion engine, which offers a similar tool.) Our design is very flexible and allows our clients to define any qualification to sell their products exactly the way they want to sell them.

Our clients have experienced great success utilizing these solutions. To learn more about Apache OFBiz Accelerator, we encourage you to contact us today!


DATE: Feb 17, 2015
AUTHOR: Divesh Dutta
OFBiz Ecommerce, OFBiz