Case Studies

Sometimes the friendly skies are…not so friendly. Learn how HotWax Systems leveraged HotWax Commerce and Apache OFBiz to help Able Engineering gain a competitive advantage.

HotWax Commerce, designed by HotWax Systems open source experts.

Designing, implementing and supporting custom digital commerce solutions is not just what we do at HotWax Systems, it’s who we are.  We (gleefully) specialize in fully customizable, enterprise-class, open source digital commerce solutions, and take pride in meeting  our clients’ most complex and detailed needs. And, of course, we enthusiastically welcome projects other providers simply can’t untangle.

About Able Engineering:

Able Engineering helps aircraft operators and fleet owners safely reduce operating costs. This, in turn, boosts profitability. Services to clients include maintenance, component repair, overhaul and approved replacement part solutions.  Experts in processing turbine engine components for original equipment manufacturers, the company’s expertise also includes exchanges and partnerships.

The Story.

The friendly skies are not always so friendly. In 2010, Able Engineering faced increasingly fierce competition. Leadership quickly  identified the urgent need for a customizable digital commerce solution.

A solution that would clear the runway for competitive advantage take-off. A solution that could streamline efforts to  minimize fleet operating costs and keep unit costs low. A solution that would allow Able Engineering to pass savings on to  customers. A solution that could maintain an extensive inventory of individual parts and larger assemblies. A solution that would support further market growth and deliver scalable, flexible supply chain management.

The Solution.

Able Engineering chose HotWax Systems to create a custom digital commerce solution. In record time, we leveraged HotWax Commerce, our fully customizable, enterprise-class, open source, digital commerce solution, to deliver a system that exceeded expectations.  Our fully customizable solution facilitated  accurate and timely procurement. It improved manufacturing and maintenance planning. This empowered Able Engineering to better integrate inter-organizational supply chain processes.

The Next Chapter.

The result? A turbo-charged operation that delivered an exceptional experience for customers, retail partners, OEM partners and employees.  All while supporting a larger customer base, an expanded product portfolio and a more complex supply chain. HotWax Commerce by HotWax Systems is a smart business decision.

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