HotWax Systems Sales – Building a Strong Team


“I am focused on leveraging my sales and marketing experience in conjunction with actively researching and interacting with peers to help us set–and meet–some excitingly ambitious growth goals.”
–Mike Bates, CEO, HotWax Systems

HotWax Systems sales team momentum

It’s an exciting time for our company. Opportunities abound, and momentum is definitely building. Efforts are underway to forge a strong HotWax Systems sales team. As part of this initiative, Patrick Gibbons was promoted to VP of Client Experience and Ben Johnson recently joined us as our first Director of Sales.

Strategy and resources

Our CEO, Mike Bates, is focused on high-level team-building strategy. In support of this, he  recently attended two key events: the Gartner Tech Growth and Innovation Conference; and the annual SaasTr conference. He gleaned valuable information at both events, which he shares in today’s LinkedIn post.

The LinkedIn post details his thoughts on building a sales team and shares links to useful resources for others who are doing the same. Read Mike’s post here, and please comment both in LinkedIn and in the blog comments section. Your feedback matters to us. (It helps us understand which types of content are most useful and interesting to our readers. We welcome all comments!)

DATE: Jun 23, 2016
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems
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