HotWax Systems Looks Back at 2015


HotWax Systems Looks Back at 2015

2015 has been a year of tremendous learning and double digit growth for HotWax Systems.  Our custom Apache OFBiz consulting group continues to offer the most skilled and experienced OFBiz development teams in the world, working with clients in a variety of industries to create strategic advantage through remarkable business system innovations.

Simultaneously, our Apache OFBiz Accelerator continues to mature, and is helping us achieve our goal of making sophisticated and efficient unified cloud commerce systems available and affordable to more and more businesses. From the functionality to the pricing model, we have been examining and adjusting Apache OFBiz Accelerator however we need in order to make it accessible and empowering for small and growing businesses who previously could not obtain this kind of system.

I’m happy for this opportunity to look back and share some of the specific highlights from 2015 with you.

Recognition from Gartner, Inc

We feel privileged to have received several significant accolades from Gartner, Inc. this year, including being noted in the Gartner Digital Commerce Vendor Guide 2015, the Gartner CRM Vendor Guide 2015, and most noteworthy of all, being recognized as a Gartner 2015 Cool Vendor in Digital Commerce!

Client Milestones

Among our significant client milestones this year was collaborating with cabi to develop ClioGo, a technology-forward mobile app to empower cabi fashion consultants to meet customer needs more effectively than ever before. We also supported Skootz in implementing  new features within Apache OFBiz Accelerator, including EDI functionality to facilitate large orders from big box retailers.. We added some exciting new Apache OFBiz Accelerator clients along the way as well, and two of our favorite custom OFBiz consulting projects entered their fourth years running.

Partnership with the Apache Software Foundation

We partnered with the Apache Software Foundation to assist with an upgrade to  We were also Silver Sponsors at ApacheCon. This was our 8th straight year sponsoring ApacheCon, and this year our CTO, Jacopo Cappellato, delivered presentations both at ApacheCon North America as well as ApacheCon Europe. Finally, our company donated more than 1,800 hours of service to the OFBiz community via monthly Bug Crush events!

Highlights from our Team in Indore, India

Our outstanding team in Indore continues to embody team spirit and proactivity. HotWax Systems Indore  conducted recruiting activities at 21 of the best engineering colleges in the state, and one of our members participated in a competition at the Acropolis and Swami Vivekanand engineering college. The team also represented HotWax at the Naidunia Premier Cricket League where more than 50 teams participated. To finish out a great year, our Indore contingent also hosted more than 500 guests at the 2015 Sanskriti company culture event.

We’re grateful for another successful year full of learning and growth, and we’re looking forward to a wonderful 2016. We plan to both expand the custom consulting group and to drive significant growth of the Apache OFBiz Accelerator platform. Stay tuned — let’s find great things to do together for 2016!

DATE: Dec 31, 2015
AUTHOR: Mike Bates
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