#ApacheCon North America–the Epicenter of Open Source


If you have felt the software world rumbling a bit and are curious about the power and potential of open source software, or if you are already a believer, then I hope to see you in Austin at ApacheCon. Presented for the Apache Software Foundation by the Linux Foundation, ApacheCon North America will be in full swing April 13 – 17 in lovely Austin, Texas. HotWax Systems is proud to join hp, IBM, and others as an event sponsor. I can’t wait!

The hybrid model of delivering software solutions by combining an open source code base with expertise that is specifically developed and focused on said open source code base is a model that is changing the software landscape and progressing up the richter scale. It is working great for us here at HotWax Systems, where we offer our enterprise-grade open source digital commerce platform, Apache OFBiz Accelerator. Apache OFBiz Accelerator is powered by Apache OFBiz, and over the past several years we have developed a deep bench of OFBiz expertise. We do this through our own rigorous internal training program (HotWax University) and also through active participation in the OFBiz, Apache, and broader open source community.

So, every year when #ApacheCon comes around, we jump at the chance to shake, rattle, and roll as sponsors, speakers, and attendees. Whether blocking off Canal Street in NOLA to conduct a funeral march for proprietary software, as we did in our rambunctious youth back 2008, or socializing, networking, and strategizing, as I plan to do in Austin this year, ApacheCon is the place to do it. It is definitely the most authentic (read: unapologetically nerdy and brilliant) open source conference I have attended throughout these years, which is why I so enjoy it.

BTW, I still have hundreds of beads left from NOLO, so if you’ll be at the epicenter in Austin, look me up and come get some of these vintage (possibly even collectible!) ApacheCon souvenirs.


Photo credit: jemasmith / Foter / CC BY

DATE: Apr 02, 2015
AUTHOR: Mike Bates
Company News, OFBiz