OFBiz Connect: Three New SOAP/API Extensions for Magento


Learn how the HotWax Systems team created three new APIs to support a more sophisticated level of automation than Magento could support.

OFBiz Connect is an open source plugin that links Magento’s e-commerce engine with the robust ERP Management functions of Apache OFBiz. In a previous post, we shared general setup instructions for OFBiz Connect. The purpose of today’s post is to share additional, detailed information about SOAP/API extensions.

An API is a software intermediary that makes it possible for applications to interact with each other and share data. Because Magento’s OOTB API  could not support the sophisticated level of automation we wanted to achieve, we added three additional APIs: 1) Store Configuration, 2) Edit Sales Order, 3) Product Relationship.

1. The “Store Configuration” API

Allows access to settings within your Magento store, such as shipping configuration, store address and warehouse locations. Click here for more information about our Store Configuration API.

2. The “Edit Sales Order” API

The Edit Sales Order API updates the shipping and billing addresses associated with Magento orders. (We plan to extend this API to support additional functions, including Edit Order Item / Update Shipping Method / Updating Order Total and more).

3. The “Product Relationships” API

Our Product Relationships API provides parent product / child product relationships between products by associating the parent product and its type  with a Magento product ID.

For additional information about OFBiz Connect or Apache OFBiz Accelerator, our enterprise-class digital commerce solution powered by Apache OFBiz, contact us today.


DATE: Apr 15, 2015
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems
Company News, HotWax Projects, OFBiz, Outgrowing Magento