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Seven ERP Lessons, Delivered with Style

HotWax Projects, Enterprise ERP, Partnerships

To empower customers worldwide, start by empowering your everyday business users. Below are 7 ERP lessons. READ MORE

DATE: May 24, 2016
AUTHOR: Write On Network

Customizable Learning Platform by SPEL Technologies and HotWax Systems

Company News, HotWax Projects, Partnerships

When HotWax CEO Mike Bates met SPEL Technologies Founder Radhika Grover, he knew they had to work together. Grover was the creative genius behind a new learning platform that would make online coding.. READ MORE

DATE: May 18, 2016
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems

HotWax Systems Welcomes SPEL Technologies, Inc.

Company News, HotWax Projects, Partnerships, New Client Announcements

New Client Announcement — HotWax Systems is pleased to announce the addition of SPEL Technologies, Inc. (SPEL) to our growing client list. Apache OFBiz expertise was the deciding factor in SPEL’s.. READ MORE

DATE: May 16, 2016
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems

Apache Branding Project a Collaborative and Enriching Experience.

Company News, HotWax Projects, Apache Community, Partnerships

Now that the new Apache Software Foundation logo has been released and shared widely, I want to take a moment to reflect on the project and share a few observations. (You can see the current ASF.. READ MORE

DATE: Mar 14, 2016
AUTHOR: Mike Bates

HotWax Systems Solutions Spotlight: Bridgeport Worldwide

HotWax Projects

“We knew we required a highly customized ERP solution and selected HotWax Systems because of their strong ties with the open source community and their expertise in the OFBiz platform. And we were.. READ MORE

DATE: Jun 09, 2015
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems

Our Quest for OFBiz – Magento Integration: There and Back Again

HotWax Projects, OFBiz, Outgrowing Magento

Team HotWax triumphed over numerous challenges while developing an OFBiz-Magento integration solution. READ MORE

DATE: Apr 23, 2015
AUTHOR: Rahul Lokhande

Adding A Direct To Consumer Channel Case Study

OFBiz Ecommerce, hotwax media, HotWax Projects, OFBiz Development, Apache OFBiz, OFBiz, Scarpa North America

Scarpa North America is one of the most well known and respected climbing and skiing brands in the world with a network of dealers across the Unites States and Canada. Scarpa came to HotWax Media.. READ MORE

DATE: Jul 16, 2014
AUTHOR: Patrick Gibbons