Apache Branding Project a Collaborative and Enriching Experience.


Now that the new Apache Software Foundation logo has been released and shared widely, I want to take a moment to reflect on the project and share a few observations. (You can see the current ASF press kit, including the new logo, here: http://apache.org/foundation/press/kit/)

First, the effort was collaborative and merit-based. This kind of creative collaboration is something that many visual designers tend to avoid, but in this case we ended up with a shared composition rather than a “design by committee.” I find this to be a good representation of the Apache Way. I can say without a doubt that the collaborative efforts of the team made the end product better.

Next, the individual contributors were experts — another common theme at the ASF. Lisa Dae (services donated by HotWax Systems) and Fran Lukesh (services donated by Lucidworks) were superb in both their craft and their interactions with the group. Kenneth Paskett (also HotWax Systems) and I also participated, and Sally Khudairi from the ASF skillfully and graciously facilitated. Ultimately, Lisa and Fran brought their significant creative expertise to bear, making the new mark what it is.

Finally, the end result was wonderful. We have worked with many creative agencies over the years, and have provided branding services ourselves as a company. Based on that experience, there is no doubt that this logo is as clean, professional, and effective as any one could purchase on the open market. But even better, because in this case the work was donated, based on a belief in contributing back to a community that shares so much with the world.

This Apache branding project offered a collaborative and enriching experience, was led by accomplished experts, and yielded awesome results. And I’m not surprised. This is what our time and energy working on Apache Software Foundation projects has led us and millions of others around the world to expect. We’re happy for the opportunity to participate — in fact, we consider it quite a “feather in our cap!”

DATE: Mar 14, 2016
AUTHOR: Mike Bates
Company News, HotWax Projects, Apache Community, Partnerships