Apache OFBiz Handles Daylight Saving Time Shift With Ease

No need to lose sleep over Daylight Saving Time shift

Shift Happens

Every year, Daylight Saving Time shift is cursed by some and welcomed by others. Regardless, adjusting isn’t easy. (My smart phone adjusted more quickly than I did. However, I do take some consolation in the fact that my digital oven clock is still struggling to cope.)

Love it or hate it, this shift does seriously disrupt the sleep schedules of many time-conscious type A’s, myself included. While staring restlessly at the ceiling at 1 a.m. today I wondered: How does Apache OFBiz handle this Daylight Saving Time shift? Will millions of transactions grind to a halt? Will warehouse management systems malfunction, creating widespread chaos? What a nightmare!

Easy Shift

As it turns out, I needn’t have worried. Our technology specialists inform me that Apache OFBiz handles Daylight Saving Time shift with the greatest of ease. Their advice: If you are running Apache OFBiz in production, simply ask your system administrator to turn the clock back 1 hour for the server at the appropriate time. That’s it. All cycles will continue uninterrupted. (Well, except perhaps your REM cycle).

Questions? Contact us today to explore customizable OFBiz E-commerce and ERP solutions! (Or, if you just can’t sleep).




DATE: Nov 03, 2014
AUTHOR: Teresa Zundel
Apache OFBiz, OFBiz, Daylight Saving Time shift