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Not-So-Quick-To-Market: Is Your Million-Dollar Idea Built On A Scalable Commerce Platform?

Outgrowing Magento, Customer Intelligence

The American Dream is alive and well. Call it “million-dollar idea”, “instant business stardom” or “unicorn startup”, but the fundamentals haven’t much changed since the 1850’s gold rush: hitting it.. READ MORE

DATE: Apr 18, 2017
AUTHOR: Anca Matcovschi

To Speed Up First You Need To Slow Down

Omni-Channel, Outgrowing Magento

Making changes across an enterprise is not for the feint of heart, but it can be the difference between stagnation and acceleration. READ MORE

DATE: Apr 04, 2017
AUTHOR: Patrick Gibbons

The eCommerce Landscape is Changing – Brand Manufacturers Hold On Tight!

Omni-Channel, Mike Bates

Technology changes rapidly. This influences buyer and other operational behavior. Then technology changes again. And the cycle repeats. READ MORE

DATE: Mar 31, 2017
AUTHOR: Mike Bates

Sears Swan Song marks the Rise of Omnichannel Retail

Omni-Channel, Anca Matcovschi

It has long been postulated that the American shopping mall is in decline, and Sears is well on its way to being associated with the phrase that makes big retailers shudder: “Elvis has left the.. READ MORE

DATE: Mar 28, 2017
AUTHOR: Anca Matcovschi

The Clash of the Titans Could Crush your ERP Implementation

Enterprise ERP, Anca Matcovschi

Oracle’s fiscal 2017 Q3 results are in, and the company’s board could not be happier: the cloud is registering “hyper-growth” due to the company bringing its SaaS and PaaS business to scale, and has.. READ MORE

DATE: Mar 22, 2017
AUTHOR: Anca Matcovschi

OFBiz Tutorial – Custom Components in OFBiz

OFBiz Tutorials, OFBiz Development, OFBiz Tutorial, OFBiz Components, OFBiz, Jacopo Cappellato, OFBiz Tutorials for Beginners

Edit – First time this post was published in 2009 working with OFBiz trunk, updated it to work with OFBiz latest Release 16.11. READ MORE

DATE: Mar 22, 2017
AUTHOR: Jacopo Cappellato

Bad Inventory Management Makes Kermit a Sad Shopper

Inventory & Product Management, Anca Matcovschi

Inefficient Inventory Management Systems that cause accidental backorders just break Kermit’s little heart READ MORE

DATE: Mar 17, 2017
AUTHOR: Anca Matcovschi

On Client Advocates and Being Your Client’s Advocate

Company News, Awards and Recognition

The past 17 years in various customer facing roles have taught me clearly how powerful actual customer testimonials are. Your website, collateral, and phone calls can be filled to the brim with.. READ MORE

DATE: Mar 15, 2017
AUTHOR: Ben Johnson