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Top 5 Reasons to Implement an Open Source ERP


An ERP is one of the most important softwares a company may ever choose to adopt, because it connects, streamlines and optimizes their core business processes. This leads to more efficient and.. READ MORE

DATE: Sep 28, 2022

What is the Apache Software Foundation?

Apache Community

What is the Apache Software Foundation? The Apache Software Foundation is a 501(c) 3 public charity organization whose mission is to create and make available software for the public good. It was.. READ MORE

DATE: Feb 08, 2021
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems

Thinking ERP, Top 5 Reasons to Think Open Source

Open Source Software

You may be familiar with the term ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning systems, or maybe this is a new concept for you and your business. Either way, an introduction or a refresher is never a bad idea... READ MORE

DATE: Nov 16, 2020
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems

What is the HotWax Accelerator?

Company News, Apache OFBiz, Apache Community, OFBiz, Open Source ERP

What is the HotWax Accelerator? Like a house that lasts for centuries, you want to build on a reliable and stable foundation. Which is why, when we created the HotWax Accelerator, we built it on top.. READ MORE

DATE: Sep 28, 2020
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems


Company News

HOTWAX SYSTEMS is OPEN FOR BUSINESS These are, to say the very least, difficult times. What was normal is no longer and, who knows, it may never be so again. But, as humans, we are adaptable, smart.. READ MORE

DATE: Jun 18, 2020
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems

HotWax Systems to Host the 2018 Moqui Ecosystem Open Source Conference

Company News, Open Source Software, Events, Education

Furthering our commitment to the advancement of open source technologies, HotWax Systems is pleased to announce that we will be hosting the 2018 Moqui Ecosystem open source conference this Fall at.. READ MORE

DATE: Sep 06, 2018
AUTHOR: Ben Johnson

Creating a successful omnichannel retail strategy: data is key

Enterprise eCommerce, Omni-Channel, B2B Commerce, Customer Intelligence

One-day sales. Mobile promotions. Geo-targeting. Loyalty programs. Push notifications. READ MORE

DATE: Dec 28, 2017
AUTHOR: Desiree Jenkinson