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What is Procure to Pay?

Accounting Management, Enterprise ERP, Open Source Software, OFBiz

What is procure to pay software? Procure to pay (P2P) software is a suite of applications designed to automate and streamline the entire procurement process, from sourcing suppliers to processing.. READ MORE

DATE: Mar 23, 2023
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems

What is ERP Software?

Enterprise ERP, Open Source Software, OFBiz

What is ERP software? Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software is a type of software that helps businesses manage their day-to-day operations like finance, accounting, procurement, manufacturing.. READ MORE

DATE: Mar 15, 2023
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems

The Top 10 Misconceptions About Open Source Software

Open Source Software, OFBiz

Open source software has been around for decades and is used by some of the biggest and most well known companies to date (like NASA and Amazon) but there are still many misconceptions about it that.. READ MORE

DATE: Mar 01, 2023
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems

When is the best time to consider open source enterprise software?

Enterprise ERP, Open Source Software, OFBiz

When it comes to enterprise software, the question of whether to choose proprietary or open source solutions is common. While some organizations opt for proprietary software, open source enterprise.. READ MORE

DATE: Feb 15, 2023
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems

Economic Uncertainty Brings Open Source Software to the Forefront

Open Source Software

If there’s one thing that’s been a constant in the past couple years, it’s economic uncertainty. From the covid shut downs and tech companies going on hiring sprees as their products and services.. READ MORE

DATE: Jan 27, 2023
AUTHOR: Ben Johnson

Top 5 Reasons to Implement an Open Source ERP


An ERP is one of the most important softwares a company may ever choose to adopt, because it connects, streamlines and optimizes their core business processes. This leads to more efficient and.. READ MORE

DATE: Sep 28, 2022

Apache Software Foundation, Community Over Code

Apache Community

I am an artist, an actor, by trade, who has a day job as a writer. I was asked to write this piece about The Apache Software Foundation, and my first thought was, well, daddy’s gotta eat so, off we.. READ MORE

DATE: Feb 08, 2021
AUTHOR: Brunom external

Thinking ERP, Top 5 Reasons to Think Open Source

Open Source Software

You may be familiar with the term ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning systems, or maybe this is a new concept for you and your business. Either way, an introduction or a refresher is never a bad idea... READ MORE

DATE: Nov 16, 2020
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems