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A Groovy Fix to Improve OFBiz Performance

Company News, hotwax media, OFBiz Development, OFBiz, apache, Groovy

Recently (in rev. 1537086 for trunk and rev. 1537092 for 13.07) I upgraded the Groovy jar bundled in Apache OFBiz from 1.8.6 to the latest release 2.1.9. READ MORE

DATE: Nov 11, 2013
AUTHOR: Jacopo Cappellato

Lucene Component of OFBiz, A Technical Overview

OFBiz Tutorials, hotwax media, OFBiz, apache, Lucene

We are very pleased to contribute this updated integration with Lucene for OFBiz! Also, the timing is good, as I am excited to be attending the Lucene/Solr Revolution EU 2013 conference in Dublin,.. READ MORE

DATE: Oct 30, 2013
AUTHOR: Jacopo Cappellato

OFBiz – Lucene Integration

Company News, hotwax media, OFBiz, apache, Lucene

Apache OFBiz is an ambitious open source ERP project at the Apache Software Foundation. Essentially a broadly-scoped ERP application development framework with a long list of functionality available.. READ MORE

DATE: Oct 29, 2013
AUTHOR: Mike Bates

Leveraging Strategic Partnerships: CustomWare

Company News, hotwax media, OFBiz Service Provider, Partnerships, Tim Ruppert, Atlassian, Contegix

Since I got rambling on Atlassian tools in my last post and decided not to include Customware, we’re going to focus this post on how Contegix put us in touch with another organization that continues.. READ MORE

DATE: Jun 08, 2010
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems