Apache OFBiz Community Announces Latest Release

The Apache OFBiz Community recently released the 16.11.02 version, which includes 37 bug fixes, 4 improvements, 2 tasks and 4 sub-tasks.

On May 22nd, 2017, the Apache OFBiz community released its latest update to Apache OFBiz®, which includes a new version of the embedded Apache Tomcat® application server (version 8.0.42) and several bug fixes to the accounting and general ledger application. Apache OFBiz 16.11.02” is the second release of the 16.11 series, initially launched in November 2016, and presents a total of 37 bug fixes, 4 improvements, 2 tasks and 4 sub-tasks.

The Apache OFBiz community is dedicated to maintaining and improving Apache OFBiz, an open source software product for the automation of enterprise processes, that includes framework components and business applications. The community regularly publishes updated versions of the software product, along with explanatory notes, which reflect the community’s efforts in the past few months to fix bugs, enhance the product’s capabilities, and contribute to the project’s overall development and wellbeing.

The OFBiz community is comprised of hundreds of active users that participate in forum discussions, submit bug reports and improvement requests, provide feedback, and generally help each other improve OFBiz-specific expertise. Among the tens of contributors who submit improvement proposals and bug fixes, there are also about 30 committers tasked to review, approve and include appropriate suggestions in the official repository.

These fixes or improvements aren’t immediately made available to the public, and are instead collected over a longer period of time, and published as part of an official release. When enough substantial amends have been added to the codebase, they are subjected to the OFBiz Project Management Committee (PMC) for a 3-6 month-long revision process, depending on their volume and severity.

It is the OFBiz PMC’s roughly 20 members who vote on, validate, document and sign each amend, and then distribute it on the Apache Software Foundation’s official release infrastructure. The PMC also makes sure that the release files’ content is covered by the Apache License 2.0, guaranteeing that the updated open-source software product is ready to be used by the OFBiz users.

Among the Apache OFBiz community, HotWax Systems plays an important role, having developed the world’s leading Apache OFBiz-based Unified Commerce Solution, Apache OFBiz Accelerator, with the use of this open-source framework. Counting almost 100 developers, 9 committers, 5 PMC members, and 4 Apache Software Foundation (ASF) Members, 3 of which were elected earlier this May, HotWax Systems considers Apache OFBiz as an integral part of its core product and of the company at large. HotWax has also contributed over 15,000 hours of development to the OFBiz project alone, and participated in many other Apache projects, including the sponsorship of several ApacheCon conferences.

Apache, Apache OFBiz, and Apache Tomcat are trademarks of the Apache Software Foundation.

DATE: May 30, 2017
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems
Apache Community, OFBiz