These are, to say the very least, difficult times. What was normal is no longer and, who knows, it may never be so again. But, as humans, we are adaptable, smart and unified. So, no matter where this pandemic leads us, we have faith that we will come out the other side of this stronger and better.

We care about our people and our customers. We care about the lives we all lead day in and day out. We want those lives to continue unabated as much as possible now and when this time in our history passes.

As a global entity with locations in the US as well as in Italy, India and New Zealand we’ve been keeping an eye on the progress of this pandemic for some time. We work hard to make sure all our employees, in all the countries we serve, are safe and healthy. And, we’ve learned something quite surprising and wonderful; despite distance and hardship, we are as strong and as united as we’ve ever been.

Vibrant businesses change, exceptional technology adapts.

Your vibrant business is important to us and we will do all we can to help you through any and all changes that need to be addressed. And, as far as technology being adaptive, there are few better examples of exceptionally adaptive technology than the human mind and spirit.

We are adapting and we will help you to do so as well.

We are adapting to the times, to the new rules, to the social distancing and doing everything we can to keep people satisfied and safe. This pandemic is not an end but rather a chance to rethink, adapt and approach how we do business while facing extreme challenges.

We want to stress that we’re taking every precaution necessary to keep our people and our customers safe. Business, as usual, doesn’t mean a lack of humanity or a lack of understanding about the current fears and worries in the world. Our people are what make us so strong and we value each and every one of them.

We also understand that good mental health is important in this time of stress. So, keeping Hotwax Systems open, staying in touch, and serving your needs are all ways we can help you stay focused and feel some sense of normalcy during a very abnormal time.

We are united during this trying time and by being united we will get through this together.

We are witnessing the incredible adaptive power of the human spirit. Technology has made us, in some ways, more human. Please take your precautions, keep your distance, wear a mask when you can, wash your hands constantly and stay vigilant. Take care of friends, family, loved ones and neighbors. Stay positive and stay safe.

We are still open for business providing Apache OFBiz services.

We are still working to help automate and streamline your business.

We are still committed to helping you adapt and move your toward positive change.

And, we are still people dealing with the same fears and struggles that you are. We haven’t gone anywhere, we’re right here when you need us. We remain as focused and as unified in purpose as we have always been. Thank you for your continued loyalty and support.

The Hotwax Team

DATE: Jun 18, 2020
AUTHOR: HotWax Systems
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