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In this OFBiz tutorial I will walk through the process of setting up OFBiz accounting. It starts with building your Chart of Accounts (CoA). As you might already know, OFBiz comes with sample CoA. In case you find it overwhelming, I have listed below a simpler version of a CoA that will get you started.

If you are planning to accept credit cards from your customers then you should consider adding the following GL Accounts:

This simple list of GL Accounts will get you started, but you will obviously need to put together a plan with your accountant or otherwise make the final decision for yourself on the GL Accounts that are best suited for your own business. In my next post, I’ll walk you through the process of assigning GL Accounts to the business entity and thereafter how to setup GL Account defaults to enable automatic GL posting of Payments, Invoices, Inventory and related activities. Good luck.

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